Executive Committee Members. Our current Executive Committee Members are:

  • Chair, Chris Taylor
  • First Vice Chair/GOTV, Elizabeth Dinschel
  • Second Vice Chair/Community Events, Leah Jesse
  • Secretary, Mike Jesse
  • Treasurer, Ed Cranston
  • Affirmative Action Chair, Ryan Hall
  • Candidate Development Chair, Erin Madsen
  • Data Management/Membership Chair, John Deeth
  • Finance Chair, Anne-Marie Taylor
  • Platform Co-Chairs, Dennis and Robin Roseman
  • Public Relations Chair, Mike Meginnis
  • U-Dems Liaison, Riley Lewers

Executive Committee Positions and Responsibilities

Every two years, the Central Committee meets to elect its leadership in the form of the Executive Committee.  Officers include the Chair, the First Vice Chair, the Second Vice Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.  Also serving on the Executive Committee are Chairs of the Standing Committees.

  • The Chair of the Executive Committee serves as the Chief Executive Officer and runs the central and executive committee meetings.  The Chair also has the power to appoint ad-hoc committees.
  • The First Vice Chair assists the Chair in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, and chairs the Get Out the Vote Committee.  If the Chair is absent, the First Vice Chair assumes the Chair’s responsibilities.
  • The Second Vice Chair, like the First Vice Chair, assists the Chair.  The Second Vice Chair is also the Chair of the Community Events Committee.
  • The Secretary is responsible for keeping and recording the minutes of the meetings, as well as files and records of the Party.
  • The Treasurer maintains the records for the Party’s assets, liabilities, income and expenditures, and makes reports to the Central Committee.   The Treasurer also works with the Budget Committee and is responsible for all filings required by the State of Iowa.